10 container home decorating tips

Now that the most difficult part about getting a container home design is all over, all you’re left with is to get it decorated. It’s not always wise to consult an interior designer to get this process done, not when you can shave off thousands of dollars by planning all of your decorations on your own.

It may seem like a painstaking process on the surface, but once you actually get yourself involved, it’s a lot more fun and fulfilling. Here are some valuable container home decorating tips that will make the journey more efficient, and definitely more effective.


#1 Go for the exterior first

1 exterior

The hardest step for any venture is always the first. The easiest way to get started is to work from the inside out. Think of the colour schemes and the additional features that you want your neighbours, and yourself included, to marvel at.

The best way to go about doing this is to work on the exterior by getting it painted in the color that you want and having the glasses, doors and windows installed. After that, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how you want the interior to look.


#2 Lighting is everything

2 lighting This image accurately depicts what the master bedroom of every ideal container home should look like. The beds and wardrobes shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind; that’s a common mistake that most beginner container home decorators make. Instead, you’ll want to plan the lighting and its and colour for every single room before you start moving furniture in.

Furniture can look completely different under different qualities and colors of light. Naturally, a dimmer yellow light will always make the master bedroom appear more romantic and alluring.

#3 Focus on the larger objects


The first thing on your mind should always be the larger objects. This includes your couches, beds, tables, and cupboards. They’re the most noticeable pieces of furniture that people will notice the moment they step into your container home, which makes it even more important for you to pay more attention to them.

Apart from the design of these larger objects, you should also work towards getting better quality products. After all, replacing these larger pieces of furniture can be more expensive and a lot more of a hassle.


#4 Keep it simple

4 keep it simple

Unless you have a whole lot of disposable income, you should always keep it simple. This is one of the most valuable container home decorating tips there is. Simplicity is key, and let me tell you why.

If you take a look at the image above, you’ll notice that it looks bare to the bone. You’re probably imagining all the paintings and rugs that you’d want to decorate it with. Any container home will always have the potential to be decorated better than it was before.

But you don’t have to get it all done in one day. Making it a gradual process grants you more time into realizing what you really want, and it gives you time to change your mind. None of that will be possible if you don’t keep it simple.


#5 Green is good

5 green

You can never go wrong with incorporating plants into your home’s decorations; it’s something that I’d recommend personally. Using plants, or even grass, in the interior of your container home will keep it looking fresh. It adds vibrance and serenity, which are elements that anyone would want in their own homes.


#6 Back yards are great

6 backyard

This container home decorating tip is optional, but it definitely pays off. Taking your container home’s backyard into account allows you to maximize whatever space you have to work with. Who knows, you might even find that you can throw in a small jacuzzi or a few lawn chairs!


#7 Consider using ladders

7 ladders

If you’re strapped for space, you can always substitute your conventional staircase with a ladder. They save you a whole lot of space, and they look great as well. You might even want to throw in a fireman’s pole just to have a shortcut on your way down. However, if you have young children, you should probably stick to a staircase just for safety.


#8 Work on your front porch

8 front porch

Your container home’s front porch is a container home’s greeting. It’s exactly what your guests will first interact with the moment they pay you a visit. Having a killer front porch will go a long way in impressing your family, friends, neighbours, and even the ladies for those of you who are single!


#9 Think out of the box

9 out of the box

Drawing inspiration from images is always important, but it’s even more important for you to make an idea unique to who you are. Always be sure to think out of the box and adopt different perspectives when it comes to the whole container home decorating procedure.

The container home above took a risk and erected his very own container home in the middle of a standard neighbourhood. It instantly stands out through its modern structure, color schemes, and creative usage of windows. Thinking out of the box doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, it just requires you to be more open to suggestions that might seem crazy.


#10 Look at it as a dream

10 dreamDreams are somewhat similar to container home decorating. They’re both imaginative, wild, and exciting. You want your container home to look almost completely magical; something like a haven. If you incorporate all these container home decorating tips into your project, you might very well come up with a result similar to the image above.


Everything summed up

Now that you’ve learned about these 10 container home decorating tips, it’s about time that you start putting them into practice. Just work from the inside out, keep yourself focused on the things that matter, remember that simplicity is key, and venture into the unknown.

You’ll soon realise that decorating your own container home isn’t all that difficult. It’ll be so much easier than what you initially expected. Who knows, you might even end up doing a better job than professionals!

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