10 examples of energy efficient container homes

Here’s the deal about energy efficient homes; they’re under utilised and overlooked far too often. Most people’s understanding about energy efficient container homes is that they’ll be able to shave off a few bucks from their electricity and utility bills each month. However, the implications of incorporating energy efficiency into container homes consist of so much more than that.

Energy efficiency ultimately protects and preserves the environment in the long haul. From a much broader perspective, by having an energy efficient container home, you’re doing something commendable for the world. At the same time, your efforts and investments into these specialized energy efficient devices will pay for themselves as the months go by.

In other words, there’s practically nothing to lose. We’re all for energy efficient shipping container homes, and you should be too. Here are a few examples of energy efficient container homes that will inspire you to be just as passionate about them as we are!


#1 Energy efficient container homes in the wilderness

1 energy in the wilderness

Getting electricity in a secluded and deserted area can be a hassle. In certain locations, it might even be impossible. But that might be the best thing that could ever happen to your container home. Imagine not having electricity bills arrive in your mail box every month; what a joy that would be right? Well, it’s not all that far from reality.

This energy efficient container home is powered through solar energy, which can be seen from the large solar panels on its roof. It’s even be possible for an ordinary sized home to be entirely powered by solar energy, which is why you should take them into consideration.


#2 The cold never bothered me anyway

2 the cold won't bother me anyway

Frozen-related jokes aside, it’s probable that you’ve experienced power outages from poor weather conditions. This usually happens when a power cable leading to your home goes bust. Then what?

As depicted in this energy efficient container home, the solar panels might be covered in snow, but its generators are charged up enough to provide the occupants with enough electricity to live without a care. In any case, the snow can always be quickly removed with one simple modification that we’ll explore later on below.


#3 Energy efficient container home in suburbs

3 right smack in the suburbs

Suburban homes are opening up to the idea of being more environmentally friendly, just like this container home. It’s always been unconventional for a homeowner to erect a container home right smack in the suburbs. If that’s your intentions, why not kick it up a notch and go green as well?


#4 Large energy efficient container homes4 large structures not a problem

You might think that the energy created from solar panels isn’t sufficient to power up a large home, but you’d be dead wrong. The energy efficient container home above is a prime example.

If you take a look at the image of this two-storey home, you’ll realize that it could rack up hundreds of dollars in electricity bills every month. After all, more occupants equates to more energy consumption. Using solar panels relieves that financial burden by a significant portion; a fine decision made by the homeowner and designer.


#5 Yellow energy efficient container homes

5 the impressive yellow hut again

We’ve visited this impressive yellow hut earlier in our article about awesome tiny container homes, but it’s so awesome that we have to take a look at it one more time. Apart from earning points in aesthetics and charm, this particiular home also scores in energy efficiency.

The miniscule inclusion of just a few solar panels is enough to provide it with enough power; imagine the potential that it has if you added even more!


#6 Solar maximisation

6 solar maximisation

Energy efficient shipping container homes aren’t the most lucrative in general, which makes it even more important for home owners to maximise their solar panel extensions. How can this sort of maximisation be achieved?

Simple. It lies in the positioning of your solar panels. As seen from the image above, the energy efficient container home’s solar panels are angled in a manner that it faces itself directly against the sunlight, allowing it to absorb as much energy as possible.


#7 Energy efficiency

7 energy efficiency

Apart from solar power, there are plenty of other ways that a container home can be made to be energy efficient. For example, the usage of LED bulbs consumes less energy than filament bulbs, and they’re known to last significantly longer than their aged counterparts. Here are a few more tips from this energy efficient home that we can learn to put into practice:

  • Using manual fireplaces as opposed to thermostats
  • Substituting air conditioning with fans and fresh air
  • Sun drying your clothes instead of using a dryer
  • Having a great front yard so you spend less time inside on the computer

#8 Container homes with solar panels

8 collapsable solar panels

I wouldn’t classify this is something that energy efficient container homes absolutely need, but it’s definitely a nice feature to have. Collapsible solar panels can be retracted or folded back onto the roof as the sun goes down, which preserves the integrity of the panels and allows them to last longer. This works by limiting their exposure to potential hazards, such as rain and falling branches.


#9 Energy conversion for the little ones

9 energy conservation for the little ones

Even small homes can adopt energy conservation. So, if you have a tiny container home, you can still enjoy the benefits of being energy efficient just as much as any other larger structure. There’s no criteria for a home to meet in order to save energy, and it’s wise to leverage on that.


#10 Zero energy house

10 zero energy house

This container home is known to utilise no energy at all; hence its name, the ‘zero energy house’. It comprises of two storeys, and it’s size is definitely not to be scoffed at. But how is this possible?

There are plenty of creative ways for homeowners to make their container homes energy efficient, or even energy free. Expanding your reach to different sources of energy will help you to achieve that goal. Some of the more popular options have been featured in this article, but you can always look to wind mills or turbines if you reside in an area beside a river or any other moving body of water.

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