10 examples of large shipping container homes

Go big, or go home. That’s the mantra that aspiring large container home owners should live by. Constructing a shipping container home costs substantially less than other ordinary types of homes. Instead of hoarding all that saved up cash by building merely what you need, it can be put to better use by making it look as extravagent as possible.

This is especially applicable to singles and small families. Having the foresight to see that the end-game is to have space large enough for your entire family will save you all the hassle of upgrading to a bigger space. The most obvious solution here is to go as big as you can go while you still can. Here are 10 examples of large shipping container homes that have everything worked out.


#1 The retiree’s hopes and dreams


Everyone wants to spend their golden years with some peace and serenity. This Japanese-styled large shipping container home is where the magic happens. Complete with a reasonable-sized swimming pool, a spectacular view, and a massive front porch, your relatives will be finding every excuse to visit you.
It may seem like a stretch to think that far ahead, but even if you don’t end up retiring in the home that you’ve built, a piece of property like this is bound to retain decent resale value. Renting it out is an option worth considering as well.


#2 An incomplete sensation


It doesn’t take much expertise in container homes to realize that this large container home has yet to be completed. The whole point of this example is to illustrate that all impressive structures have to start somewhere, so don’t be disheartened by all the work that it requires. It’s not about having the perfect start, but the perfect finish.


#3 Wooden large container home


No, there aren’t any wooden shipping containers around. Even if there were, they’re probably not going to be a good idea. But the concept of this image is having the steel walls of your container camouflaged with wooden themes. This large container home might not be that sizeable in terms of the space that it occupies, but its certainly larger than other when it comes to creativity and having that ‘wow’ factor.


#4 Insulated container home


On top of the standard insulation methods, it’s always ideal to stack even more techniques on top of that. This large container home has an artificial wall masking its front, a roof-top garden enclosing its roof, and wood covering its side. All these different elements might spark a bit of confusion, which is actually what beautifies this large container home.

Accompanied with a fence to protect the rest of your property, an additional container to form a second-storey, and you’ll have yourself a large container home that makes great use of your landspace.


#5 Tetris-like structures


The way that these containers are arranged do have a strong resemblance to a 3-dimensional form of Tetris, and that’s what makes it so great. It might not look that big at first glance, but a large container home like this consists of up to 6 different twenty-foot containers. That’s almost enough to have 12 separate rooms! If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.


#6 Modern large container home


Here’s a large container home that’s much too big for any bachelor. Consisting of 3 different containers, this shipping container home definitely has the potential to scale itself vertically to include even more floors. As we mentioned before, it’s not always about how large a shipping container home is, but how large it can be. If your finances are limiting you for now, you can always keep expansion plans in view for the time being.


#7 Large steel container homes


People tend to limit themselves with the number of shipping containers that they can afford. But little do they know that with a bit of creativity, squeezing in some additional space is always possible. This large container home does just that. It managed to create an entire living area space by leveraging on a large gap between two stacked shipping containers. With a simple metal skeleton and a simple roof installation, they were able to make their larger container home even larger than it should be.


#8 Going a little bit overboard


I honestly doubt that no one on the face of this earth has a family large enough to occupy this entire large container home. But if you have the spare cash and don’t mind handling a number of tenants, constructing this massive beast will be an utter gold mine. The combination of its simplicity and its size almost makes it seem like a gentle giant, which is a great selling point for potential tenants.

Otherwise, sticking to the basics works as well. You don’t want to end up biting off more than you can chew. Let’s move on before the container homes start getting even whackier.


#9 Large luxury container home


Finally, what we’re all here for. Everyone wants their large container home to look luxurious. We want the chandeliers, the expensive furniture, the underground garage, and the rest of the works. So, here’s a brilliant example of what your large container home can potentially look like if you’re leaning towards that image.

Being the most convincing potrayal of success, this large container home is probably what mos of us are aiming for. Some of us might not make it there, but hey – dreaming is believing.


#10 Uniformity or insanity?


Here’s a container home that takes great pride in its shipping container arrangement. Its detailed positionings make it hard to ignore. Topped with a quirky roof and a bright red shade, this is the large container home that’s bound to a hit a home run with the ladies. The small chimney indicates that it even has its own little fireplace.

Not all of us need 8 shpping containers for a home, and not all of us are looking to create the largest container home possible. Downscaling this design to 6 or even 4 shipping containers will make it look less extravagent, but it definitely won’t lose any of its spectacular taste.

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