10 modern 2 story shipping container homes

As container homes begin to become more popular in the consumer market, more and more people are beginning to embrace the idea of having a full-sized home made entirely out of containers. Chances are, you’re probably one of them. Designers and home-buyers alike have always been intrigued by the idea of having a two-storey container home in the suburbs.

If that’s something that you’ve been hoping for as well, you might want to take a look at our list of 10 modern two-storey container homes. Either way, you’re bound to be left impressed by the creativity of these two-story container homes. Have a look.


#1 White as snow 2 story container homes

1 white as snow

It may seem like a bit of a stretch to have a two-storey container home in nothing but white, which is why you should pay attention to its background setting before embarking on such an adventurous decision.

Nonetheless, this very design escalates the clean concept to an entirely different level. Some may argue that a design like this is just far too plain, which is why we’ll leave it to you to decide whether a similar design would suit your taste.


#2 Nothing to hide

2 nothing to hide

Imagine a home where you’re forced to be completely exposed to your neighbors and other passersby. It would be a complete nightmare; but not far the designers and inhabitants of this modern two-storey container home. With a full frontier of glass windows, it’s impossible for you to have any sort of privacy living in this questionable yet voguish container home.

It’s a good idea to have some curtains as a back up plan, unless you want to have the entire world staring at you as you come out of the shower. In any case, the concept is nothing short of daring but pleasant in a weird way.


#3 Blue with a balcony

3 blue balcony

Minimalism has certainly taken the world of design by storm; container home designers included. There’s an increasing number of people who are hopping on the minimalism bandwagon, just like the gentleman who came up with this polished two-storey container home design.

It’s understandable for people to think that its aesthetic appearance leaves much to be desired, which makes having a jaw-dropping interior so much more important.


#4 Modern’s not enough? Try space-age

4 space age

With a heavy resemblance to a professor’s labroatory, this two-storey container home looks like prime location for some crazy inventions and experiments. It could even be used for weapons research; who knows? In any case, if contemporary modern designs aren’t enough to captivate you, then something as futuristic as this particular home might do the trick.

The clever use of shutters makes it a convenient and convertable hideout, in case you’re up to something frisky and need some privacy. It also makes things so much easier to maintain, since you won’t have to replace any curtains.


#5 Modern brilliance

5 modern brillianceThis two-storey container home design concept might have yet to be implemented, but it’s most definitely possible. To some extent, it looks no different from any other suburban home, just that it has a significant emphasis on modernisation.

No two-storey container home would ever be complete without a garage, a balcony, and a backyard. With everything put together, you’ll have yourself a modern two-storey container home that exudes sheer brilliance.


#6 Part house, part container

6 hidden behind

If you have a great sense of humour, you’ll definitely enjoy this two-storey container home design. Accompanied with a front that looks remarkably like an ordinary home, people who pass by your house will be pleasantly surprised to realise that the entire structure’s supported by nothing else but shipping containers.

It even has its own makeshift roof to make it look even more like a regular subruban home. Jokes aside, the container home looks fantastic and exquisite; definitely a one of its kind.


#7 Hollow in the middle

7 hollow in the middle

You’d expect a two-storey container home to be stacked directly on top each other, but this designer pulls a fast one on you. Instead of going with the flow, he decided to do quite the opposite and have a hollow corridor in the middle. It’s a great idea if you’re thinking about squeezing in an extra room in your container home, or even if you want a more distinct amount of separation between two blocks.


#8 Containers and trains

8 containers and trains

Here’s a two-storey container home that will really knock your socks off. Walls of glass, a swimming pool, and a fireplace modelled after a train? Shut up and take my money already! You can’t get any more urban than this.

This design is arguably one of the most prestigious ideas of its kind. Complete with a second floor that has an angled window, there’s no doubt that the view from that room will be something worth waking up to every morning.


#9 Grass in the cracks

Kalkin Res, Location: Calfon NJ, Architect: Adam Kalkin.

Here’s an two-storey container house idea that’s simple enough to do on your own but yields results that are multiples of your effort. Having a courtyard between two container homes can be seamlessly connected with a space that’s paved with uneven concrete slabs separated by blades of green grass.

Depending on the type of grass that you use, maintenance shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It’s a great place for your dogs to play or laze around, and adding a dining table makes for a romantic evening.


#10 They’re containers; for real

10 indistinguishable container home

It’s understandable if you’re having trouble wrapping your head around this two-storey container home design. It just looks far too sturdy to be believable. But rest assured, this particular design makes use of a few shipping containers, while making use of several other structures and elements to finish its aesthetic appeal. Squaring up wooden beams against the glass walls of your container home can make it look even more appealing than it already does. Not to forget a flat roof to finish everything off!


Now what?

Take these 10 modern two-storey container home design ideas and be inspired to create something of your own. As impressive as our list may seem, there’s always room for improvement, and you might just be the guy to do it.

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