5 amazing tiny container homes

Container homes are one of those things where size doesn’t matter. A tiny container home has the same amount of potential to be just as amazing as a large one. Some may disagree, but there are a few existing tiny container homes that are guaranteed to second guess whatever doubts you have. Here’s a small list of 5 amazing tiny container homes that are commendable in terms of their visual appeal, design, and features.


#1 Tiny shipping container hut

a little hut

Here’s a design that’s both simple and humble. Depending on the preference and taste of the homeowner, minimalistic designs can be prioritised. For this specific container home design, it’s evident that this tiny container home takes the cake. The peachish shade makes it feel as welcoming as any other suburban home, and its triangular roofing system disguises the actual container.


#2 A tiny blue home

a tiny blue home

Modernised designs have gotten really popular over the years, which is why we chose to feature this modern looking tiny container home in our list. A flat blue covers its entire surface, making it appear a little bit urban without it being too overpowering.


#3 Dark colored tiny container home

dark theme

It’s obvious that this particular tiny container home is modeled after modernisation as well. You can tell through its color scheme and its unconventional roofing style. Additionally, the window cutouts vary in sizes, which contradicts the usual expectations of ordinary homes. A similar design is absolutely perfect for tiny container homes. It prevents the container home from looking effortless and cheap, and a darker color also allows it to appear a little larger than it actually is.


#4 Installing flaps

flaps work

Going all out on a tiny container home might not always be the best idea, especially since most people expect to expand it over the long run. However, if you’re fixed on the idea of permanently residing in a tiny container home, then modelling your design after this one just might work.

The flap that you see here acts as a retractable patio, so you can pull it down and push it back up whenever you want. It’s a perfect feature if you enjoy busking in the sunlight and enjoying the morning breeze in the comfort of your favorite chair.


#5 Yellow Bliss

yellow happiness

There’s only one emotion that can be felt looking at this yellow tiny container home; happiness. There’s just something about yellow that makes it seem so cheerful. Paired with a collection of potted plants and groomed flowers, this home looks like the perfect spot for retirement. The canopy provides the occupants with much needed shelter from the scorching sun and rain.


Final thoughts

The size of tiny container homes is definitely something worth thinking about. It could even be a little cram for a single occupant, but I suppose you’ll have to forego certain luxuries in life to live in a similar sized home. If you’re willing to settle with a basic bed, kitchen, and dining area, then by all means.

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