5 bright orange container homes

Homes have always been fixated to a standard set of colors, with the most common color being white. Modernization has led to the introduction of more mellow shades such as gray and gun metal, but its also led to a few interesting color combinations.

This becomes even more applicable to shipping container homes, which are modern in their own nature. Having that topped off with bright colors gives it an ambience of fun and excitement. But the most striking and common color has to be orange. So let’s take a look at some of these orange container homes and find out what exactly makes them sexy.


#1 Bright orange container home


If a bumpy terrian is something that you’re worried about, raising up your entire home is an option worth considering. It makes your home look a little bit whimsical, which is definitely a nice touch. For those of you who are intending to take that route, it’s always wise to leverage on that opportunity and maximize the magic behind your container home.

Giving it an orange coat needs to be within your sights. There really isn’t a color more fitting for this sort of image than orange.


#2 Cast shadows and patterns


There are times when a plain orange wall just isn’t going to do your home much good. Adding a little bit of flair to the overall design can make your home look even more intriguing than it already is. The owner of this orange container home took the liberty of installing an additional shelter with plenty of gaps, creating a patterned effect when the shadows are cast down against the orange wall.


#3 Classic container home


Old-fashioned grills take your container home back in time. If vintage is more up your alley, this direction is what you should be aiming towards. The curved edges of the grills along with its gentle designs makes for a pristine and matured look. You can always paint them a more distinctive color to add more character to your home.


#4 Orange modular container home


We’ve been waiting forever to use that title. Finally, we have that chance. There’s just something about the mixture of orange and black that makes it look so futuristic and artistic. It creates the perfect contrast for your orange container home without diminishing its classiness. If you’re uncertain about your container home’s color scheme, this is definitely a design that you should be modelling your project after; especially if you don’t intend to have the grooves of the container masked or covered.


#5 White orange container home


Our favorite is and always will be orange on black, but it never hurts to be a bit more adventurous and try something else either. Orange on white might not give your container home the polished and suave image, but it definitely makes your home look welcoming and fun. It almost resembles a playhouse, which is great if you have kids!

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