5 examples of smart container homes

With the increasing popularity in smart container homes, architects are beginning to realize the importance of incorporating smarter designs and smarter functions into their constructions. No, smart container homes don’t necessarily refer to container homes that are intelligent beings and have minds of their own; they can come in the form of interesting designs. Here’s our take on what smart container homes should look like.


#1 Floating on stones

1 floating on stones

The ‘Floating on stones’ concept is a bit of a risk, especially when it comes to certain concerns such as balance and strength. It’s absolutely fundamental for the designer to suspend the container home in complete confidence that it’s foundation will be able to withstand the overall weight.

This doesn’t just include the gross tonnage of the container, but it also includes the contents of the home such as furniture and people. We deem this design to be one of the many smart container homes as it requires an impressive amount of precision and creativity.


#2 Intelligent roofs

2 intelligent roofs

More often than not, most container home owners don’t take their roofs too seriously. However, this might just be a mistake, especially when it comes to the benefits that you’ll be missing out on. The designer of this home extended the garage’s roof to be able to shelter more than just one car, which is a cost-effective solution as compared to extending the entire garage.


#3 Concave shelters

3 concave shelter

Having a shelter similar to the design above prevents pesky rain drops from dripping on to the wooden boards of any container home. An additional potential benefit would be to allow the shelter to extend itself completely, connecting itself to the ground. This will create an even greater amount of coverage for areas that are known to have heavy rains or storms.


#4 Into the wild

4 into the wild

Getting up close and personal with mother nature seems to be quite the trend these days. If that’s one of your primary preferences, you may want to include a fireplace and a chimney on your smart container home, just like this design idea.

Having your home flat on the floor may require some landscaping work to be done, but it’ll all be worth your effort if you’re granted the chance to be immersed into the wilderness of your surroundings.

With the glass panels drawn and your feet up on your footrest, easing into your favorite armchair with a glass of wine will be all that you’ll be looking forward to every evening.


#5 Wide windows

5 wide windows

Using wide windows that fill up the entire length of your container home is always a smart idea, especially if you have a view of a lake right in front of you. The suspension effect in this smart container home is also worth commending.

It produces the effect that you’re floating off the ground as you look towards the horizon; a feeling so whimsical that it’s definitely worth a shot!


Final thoughts

Smart container homes don’t need to have the latest technology or remote-controlled locks and lights, they can be as simple yet impressive as the ones that are mentioned above.

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