5 luxury container home designs

There’s nothing more impressive than the allure of a luxurious container home. Some of these designs are so majestic that they could pass off as miniature palaces. If you’re looking to be inspired for your next container home project, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here are 5 luxury container home designs that are guaranteed to give you a couple of interesting ideas!


#1 Creative container home


The conventional method of stacking containers should never be applied to shipping container homes. This luxury container home knows that well enough to come up with its own innovative way of creating a double-storey house.

A significant portion of the upper container is seen jutting out, being supported by two V-shaped pillars. Of course, this might not be ideal if your area’s prone to natural disasters. Otherwise, re-creating this luxury container home will make for an excellent place to call your own.

Accompanied with an attractive color scheme and an elegant wooden platform, this luxury container home is certainly amazing in its own right.


#2 Bigger balcony? Why not!


One of the key features about this luxury container home is its lengthy balcony. This space can be used for a long list of activities. It can be converted to our hang-out spot with some minor furnishings, or even a down-sized garden for some fresh herbs and vegetables.

The only thing that’s missing from this luxury container home is that it’s yet to be furnished. When it finally is, it’s going to look just as dashing as any other.


#3 Wood luxury container home


Luxury container homes don’t need to be large; they just need to be innovative and comfortable. Here’s a luxury container home that takes the ‘floating’ concept to a whole new level. Instead of supporting the upper container with conventional pilars, they matched its brown and wooden theme with stacked logs that are secured carefully into place for better stability.


#4 Modern luxury container home


If you haven’t noticed, the staircase of this magnificent container home is merely separated by a single wall, creating an artistic and interesting effect. Entering the top storey of this container home is made accessible from both the inside and the outside, making use of minimal resources.

The interior is carefully decorated to appear suave and welcoming, which is exactly what every luxury container home fan would want their own home to look like.


#5 Textures are over the top


Matte textures have become increasingly popular in container homes. But the real treasure lies in mixing a variety of different textures to create a masterful exterior. This luxury container home makes use of uneven tilings to line up its pillars, which adds a touch of contrast from the rest of its walls.

The detail in the home’s windows consists of a subtle black lining, which matches its dark roofs perfectly. Everything about this luxury container home is spot-on! It even comes with a large patio and a killer backyard to boot!

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