5 modern train container homes

There isn’t anything particularly different about homes made from train containers. Aesthetically, shipping containers and train containers look pretty much exactly the same, with the only difference being the container’s purpose. Since train containers aren’t exposed to sea spray and rough weather, they do have an advantage when they’re converted into a livable home. They’re more durable and probably have less rust for you to work with.

Building a container home doesn’t always mean you have to rely on shipping containers. You can always look to train containers as a feasible alternative. Here are a few exmaples of modern train container homes that look just as good as their shipping container counterparts.


#1 Blocks of vibrance


Clearly, this container structure is much too large to be a home. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking a look at. The concept behind this colorful mess can always be implemented into your own project. Its irregular pattern of unpredictability captures the wildest of hearts.

The perfectly circular windows adds a nice touch of uniformity to its design, adding a tad bit of contrast to the angular shape of the containers.


#2 Train container homes as stepping stones


There’s no denying that this train container home resembles a church. Even if it is a place of religion, it goes without saying that it’s an amazing piece of architecture. Its main block reaches vertically towards the sky, giving the entire structure a bit more depth. Its an admirable and ambitious work of art.

The stepping stones leading up to its front door adds a nice touch, almost as if they were deliberately designed to look like piano keys.


#3 Basic train container homes


Nothing screams modern more than thin stripes across a matte background. If you’re worried about your home looking like a jail cell, splashing a bit of color into your deocrations will definitely do the trick. Additionally, you can also consider using different-sized windows for some sophistication.

People won’t usually pay much attention to the floorings of this modern train container home. Personally, I find that it opens up opportunities for making your modern marvel look like the perfect hangout spot. Throwing in a barbecue pit with a couple of lawn chairs onto the concrete surface is definitely possible.


#4 Wooden train container home


Perfectionists might not like the idea of having their modern train container home looking like an unfinished piece of work. But you have to admit, this is the prime example of enlarging the space between your outer planks being able to work wonders.


#5 A work in progress

container homes design-NXVx

Speaking of unfinished projects, here’s what you should expect to see when you’re first starting out on your modern train container home. It might not look like much, but the completed structure is guaranteed to be a breathtaking sight.

Modern train container homes take a lot of hardwork, and plenty of dedication. At the end of it all, the overwhelming sense of satisfaction will leave you with nothing but contentment and smiles.

So, here’s a raised glass to all you aspiring container home owners; may our dreams be realised, and our future container homes materialised!

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