5 modern truck container homes

One of the key attributes about truck container homes is that they can be transported anywhere you want. Their compact sizes allow easy mobility, eliminating any form of hassle if you ever feel the need to move. Imagine the joy of being able to take your home with you wherever you go, or even having the choice of just leaving town whenever you please without having to worry about accommodation or transportation.

All these reasons make truck container homes such a useful asset. Just like any other fixated home, truck container homes are a permanent residential solution; the only difference is that they have wheels. So, why not make them modernised as well? Here are 5 modern truck container homes that will inspire you to go give your container home a new set of wheels.


#1 Curved edges


Containers mainly come with sharp angles, but it’s definitely possible to soften its edges and make them a little more rounded. This gives the home a touch of modernisation, making it look unique and attractive.


#2 Shades of gray


There are specific colors that people tend to associate with being modern more so than others. Typically, various shades of gray fall under that category. If you’re ever lost when it comes to painting your truck container home, you should consider gray as part of its color scheme. They’re versatile, modern, and simple.


#3 A canopy for the weather


Battling harsh weather when you’re out in the open can be a bit of a challenge, especially when your truck container home has nothing to fend for itself. A portable canopy makes everything so much easier, and it makes your home look welcoming while making it more spacious. Think of it like a porch that you can extend when you’re parked and retracted when you’re on the move.


#4 An actual truck


Truck container homes are usually taken as a figure of speech; no one really expects it to look like a truck. More often than not, they’d probably expect something along the lines of a caravan or a trailer. However, it’s absolutely possible for you to fixate the entire container structure onto an actual truck.

It’s not the most popular option, since there are certain complications with such customisations. But it’s an excellent solution if you’re looking to get a truck container home with a little more room in it.


#5 Semi truck container home


Ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a trucker? Well, now you can with this magnificent creation. Installing a shipping container home on a truck is certainly no easy feat to pull off, but it’s absolutely rewarding.

It’s more than enough to fit a couple of single beds, a kitchen, a toilet, and even a small dining area. Coupled with a collapsible staircase as a convenient entrance, and you’ll have yourself the mobile truck container home of your dreams. Everything’s just an arm’s length away, no matter where you are, and your family will be kept close by your side throughout your journey.

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