5 vertical shipping container home designs

Regular houses have always been thought to be flat, occupying as much land as possible. It pains me to say that land has gotten increasingly scarce, which jacks up its prices. The sale of land is growing to a point where being able to afford a space to call your own is turning into a fleeting dream, and that day is coming sooner than you’d expect.

In fact, it’s happening in certain areas across the world right now. But the underlying beauty in situations like these is hope for a better day. Here are 5 examples of people finding creative solutions to scale vertically rather than horizontally, making use of as little land as possible.


#1 Black vertical container home


This Japanese vertical container home is everything you’d expect, but nothing like you would have imagined. Its vertical design and small stature calls for a better way to present itself. This home was designed cleverly to occupy a tiny amount of space without compromising on its functionality.

Decorated in jet black and cleverly displayed windows, this container home stands its own ground, and the top of our list, with pride and finesse.


#2 Wooden vertical container home


There’s just something about this vertical container home that makes it look kind of cute. Its space might be a little bit limited, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re living on your own. Its large doors make it appear warm and welcoming. My only complaint is a better choice of steps leading towards the front door.

You might also want to install some curtains on the inside to prevent peeping toms from having a go at your home. Other than that, this vertical container home earns much of my respect.


#3 Back of an adorable structure


There’s just far too much to talk about when it comes to this particular home, which is why it requires an additional point. The back of it is strategically decorated with small windows that have their own shutters. I suppose that’s the owner’s way of maintaining a better amount of privacy.

With the windows closed up, this vertical container home camouflages itself to look like a large wooden box. No one would ever imagine that what lies inside is a livable and admirable space!


#4 Modern vertical container home


Sitting right at the peak of this vertical container home is a minimalistic clock. The height of this entire structure is quite considerable as it forms the shape of an upside-down cross. To prevent space wastage, its ground level is constructed to create even more functional space for its occupants.


#5 Another look at the clock tower


It’s quite clear that this container space isn’t exactly a home per se, but it can definitely be converted into one. Swapping out the bottom glass walls with additional containers or a concrete structure will do just the trick. You can probably already imagine where the front door’s going to be – right at the foot of the clock tower!

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