9 inspiring modular container home designs

The world of container homes consists of a complicated weave of ideas and possibilities. No one ever imagined that it would be possible to actually live in one of these box-like structures, much less convert them into a functional and comfortable home. The introduction of modular container home designs paved the way towards constructing homes out of shipping containers, and is also what essentially coined the term ‘container home’.

There are certain restrictions that come with modular container homes, which is what makes it important to expose yourself to different ideas. Who knows, you might even be able to come up with an innovative solution around your struggles. Without wasting any more time, here’s our take on the 10 most inspiring modular container home designs.


#1 Small modular container home


It’s pretty obvious that the owner of this particular modular container home spends plenty of time outdoors, hence the excessive amount of sheltered space in both the front and back of the home. A design such as this makes it possible for you to have barbecues even when it’s raining.

Chilling with nature is another perk that comes with this home, given its surrounding consisting mostly of trees and grass. However, you might not want to have the base made of a couple of bricks. Do invest in a proper foundation when building your modular container home; it’ll save you a lot of hassle in the long run.


#2 Spacious modular container home


The most prominent aspect about this modular container home design is its abnormally large front porch. Extending your front porch to such lengths provides you with even more functional space, and we definitely recommend you incorporating the same concept into your projects.

It’s also always important to install solar panels and conserve electricity. The solar panels might be a tad bit expensive, but they’ll pay themselves off with all the money you’ll save on your electricity bills. Other than that, the clean and welcoming vibe of this home is the exact vibe you want to mimic if you want a home that’s welcoming and cozy.


#3 Enclosed container home


Unlike the previous designs that mentioned earlier, this modular container home takes a completely different approach. Privacy is its key attribute, which is evident throguh the minimal usage of windows and open space. If you don’t want people spying on you without your knowledge, a similar design should do the trick.

Privatization doesn’t mean that your home has to be ugly. The stepping stones and greenery right outside the structure makes for a pleasant appearance.


#4 Luxury modular container home


Here’s a bit of an exaggerated example of what most of us would want our modular container homes to look like. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford a space this massive. In fact, I’m quite sure no one would ever need this much space all to himself!

Nonetheless, this modular container home design is the exact representation of what a classy yet sturdy home should look like. The foundations are robust and reliable, and the swimming pool adds a nice touch as well.


#5 The 3-storey modular container home


One of the most challenging things about building a modular container home is if you’re faced with a slope. Evening out the landscape is one way around the problem, but adjusting the structure to the curve is possible as well.

The third storey of this beast makes for the perfect spot for a home theater system. It can also be a great place to host guests, with plenty of outdoor space for a rooftop garden.


#6 A bit of a curve ball


No one would expect a modular container home to come out looking like this piece of architecture. Complete with a large garage, a small balcony, and a curved front, this home is the curve ball that’s bound to surprise you. Not to mention the amazing interior and spotlights that give this home such a precise amount of detail.


#7 Uneven stacks and protruding windows


Limiting yourself to standard shapes it never a good idea with modular container homes. You should always consider switching it up a bit to give it some character, just like this design. The protruding windows give it a 3-dimensional effect that’s hard to replicate. Accompanied with the uneven container stackings, a similar container home will definitely be the talk of the town.


#8 A home on stilts


Certain landscapes aren’t optimal for shipping container homes, especially if the ground’s prone to flooding. It might not be ideal to support the weight of a modular container home. If that’s something you’re worried about, suspending the entire structure on strategically placed stilts should do just the trick.

Never allow circumstances to prevent you from chasing your dreams. If it’s a modular container home that you want, it’s a modular container home that you’ll get; not even mother nature can stop you.


#9 Another clever use of slopes


With enough inspiration, you might just be able to create the next game-changing modular container home. Slopes are an absolute nightmare, but only if you allow them to be. Here’s an excellent example of adapting to your surroundings.

The container home itself might not look all that impressive, but the idea behind its construction is definitely worth commending. The only thing here that’s missing is making use of all that empty space underneath the container home! Perhaps converting it into usable space is something worth considering.

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