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Gathering resources to construct the 40 foot container home design of your dreams is actually a lot more achievable than you think. In fact, that’s not even the most difficult part about it. The hardest aspect about 40 foot container home designs is coming up with an idea that you like and is implementable. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired.   #1 Slanted roof container home The most noticeable aspect about this particular 40 foot container home design is the fact that […]

Containers on their own aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing housing structures. In fact, given a choice, most people would rather live in a place that’s properly built with conventional walls. But with just a little bit of creativity and diligence, building the container home of your dreams isn’t all that impossible. There are plenty of benefits that come with having a container home. Some of these benefits can be in terms of its: Durability Environmentally friendliness Price But of course, everything that’s relatively inexpensive […]

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