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There isn’t anything particularly different about homes made from train containers. Aesthetically, shipping containers and train containers look pretty much exactly the same, with the only difference being the container’s purpose. Since train containers aren’t exposed to sea spray and rough weather, they do have an advantage when they’re converted into a livable home. They’re more durable and probably have less rust for you to work with. Building a container home doesn’t always mean you have to rely on shipping containers. You can always look […]

One of the key attributes about truck container homes is that they can be transported anywhere you want. Their compact sizes allow easy mobility, eliminating any form of hassle if you ever feel the need to move. Imagine the joy of being able to take your home with you wherever you go, or even having the choice of just leaving town whenever you please without having to worry about accommodation or transportation. All these reasons make truck container homes such a useful asset. Just like […]

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