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5 amazing tiny container homes

Container homes are one of those things where size doesn’t matter. A tiny container home has the same amount of potential to be just as amazing as a large one. Some may disagree, but there are a few existing tiny container homes that are guaranteed to second guess whatever doubts you have. Here’s a small list of 5 amazing tiny container homes that are commendable in terms of their visual appeal, design, and features.   #1 Tiny shipping container hut Here’s a design that’s both […]

You can never have too many container house design ideas. Getting inspired to create a container home of your own is a struggle that most millenials struggle with. It’s unorthodox, unconventional, and there’s no doubt that many people will be questioning your decision. Unless, of course, you manage to come up with and implement a container house design idea that will blow their minds. It might seem like an impossible to feat to pull off, but it’s not as hard as you think. There are […]

10 container home decorating tips

Now that the most difficult part about getting a container home design is all over, all you’re left with is to get it decorated. It’s not always wise to consult an interior designer to get this process done, not when you can shave off thousands of dollars by planning all of your decorations on your own. It may seem like a painstaking process on the surface, but once you actually get yourself involved, it’s a lot more fun and fulfilling. Here are some valuable container […]

Top 10 shipping container homes

We’ve discussed endlessly about various shipping container home designs and several other related ideas. Needless to say, finding out the top 10 shipping container homes is almost entirely based on personal preference. However, here are a few aspects of each shipping container home that we’ll be taking into consideration: Creativity and innovation Aesthetic appearance Functionality Eco-friendliness But before we delve into the realm of our list of top 10 shipping container homes, let us clarify that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. We’ll be revisiting […]

As container homes begin to become more popular in the consumer market, more and more people are beginning to embrace the idea of having a full-sized home made entirely out of containers. Chances are, you’re probably one of them. Designers and home-buyers alike have always been intrigued by the idea of having a two-storey container home in the suburbs. If that’s something that you’ve been hoping for as well, you might want to take a look at our list of 10 modern two-storey container homes. […]

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