How safe are shipping container homes?

New potential homeowners tend to approach the subject of shipping container homes with plenty of caution; they just aren’t sure how safe shipping container homes are. That’s mostly because few people have actually touched and felt the sturdiness of a shipping container. They end up dismissing the idea based on nothing else but pure uncertainty. Shipping container homes being unsafe is a misconception, and I’ll tell you why.



Shipping Container Homes Are Safe

Shipping container homes are universally known for one key attribute: strength. They’re almost always made out of steel, a material that’s known to be resistant to the harshest weather conditions. Yes, this includes extreme forms of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes as well. The assumed risk here can mainly be attributed to used shipping containers, not new ones.


The Real Safety Risks Involved

A second-hand shipping container might have gone through plenty of chemical spillage, which affects the overall quality of the container itself. If a shipping container is deemed to be unsafe, it’s most likely that it was previously used to handle and store toxic chemicals.

These chemicals can also pose a threat to the health of the home’s occupants. It’s always wise to opt for a shipping container that’s brand new, or a shipping container that you know for a fact has never been used to handle poisonous substances.


Shipping Containers Are Indeed Heat Magnets

Another common misconception about the safety of shipping container homes is heat. People tend to associate shipping containers with being dead heat trappers, and they’re not wrong. However, they’re not entirely correct either. It’s a known fact that any type of metal is a good conductor of heat, and that spells out poor living conditions for any potential homeowner. However, with proper and professional insulation, your shipping container home is almost guaranteed to be more comfortable and energy efficient than any other conventional housing solution.

Fiberglass and foam are two popular methods of insulation for shipping container homes. If you don’t know where to start, you can probably find out more about those two insulation methods.


Shipping Containers Homes Are As Safe As Any Other Home

These are the facts about how safe shipping container homes are. They can be as safe as any other conventional home, but they can also be potential hazards if you don’t do the appropriate amount of research or investigate meticulously. But then again, the same can be said for conventional houses as well. Conventional homes are known to experience wear and tear, and failure to inspect the place carefully can lead to the home being more of a problem than a solution in the future, just like shipping containers.

Regardless of the type of housing solution you choose, its safety is almost entirely dependent on how much effort you put into the preparation for unforeseen circumstances. This includes installing fire extinguishers around your house, scheduling proper maintenance checks, and purchasing the right equipment and insulations to ensure the safety and comfort of your residential space. As long as you take the extra time and put in some effort, the safety of your shipping container home’s will be the least of your concerns.

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