Container Living

The world of container homes consists of a complicated weave of ideas and possibilities. No one ever imagined that it would be possible to actually live in one of these box-like structures, much less convert them into a functional and comfortable home. The introduction of modular container home designs paved the way towards constructing homes out of shipping containers, and is also what essentially coined the term ‘container home’. There are certain restrictions that come with modular container homes, which is what makes it important […]

Homes have always been fixated to a standard set of colors, with the most common color being white. Modernization has led to the introduction of more mellow shades such as gray and gun metal, but its also led to a few interesting color combinations. This becomes even more applicable to shipping container homes, which are modern in their own nature. Having that topped off with bright colors gives it an ambience of fun and excitement. But the most striking and common color has to be […]

There’s nothing more impressive than the allure of a luxurious container home. Some of these designs are so majestic that they could pass off as miniature palaces. If you’re looking to be inspired for your next container home project, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here are 5 luxury container home designs that are guaranteed to give you a couple of interesting ideas!   #1 Creative container home The conventional method of stacking containers should never be applied to shipping container homes. This luxury […]

Shipping container homes have been popularized in the Western regions. They first started catching on in European nations before finding themselves growing in popularity in places such as Australia and the US. But the era of shipping container homes has yet to realize its true potential. Recently, Japan has found themselves opening up to the idea of shipping container homes. After suffering major catostrophes over the years, Japan discovered the importance of developing housing solutions that can be erected within a moments notice. Shigeru Ban […]

Green roofs have been around for almost centuries; it’s not a brand new concept, but an old one that’s regaining popularity in part due to the rise of the energy efficient container homes. Although there may be plenty of reasons for you to get a green roof for your container home, there are certain things that you have to take into consideration first. The main issue with green roofs is the preparation process. You’ll need to get waterproofing done, and ensure that your project falls […]

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