Container Living

There isn’t anything particularly different about homes made from train containers. Aesthetically, shipping containers and train containers look pretty much exactly the same, with the only difference being the container’s purpose. Since train containers aren’t exposed to sea spray and rough weather, they do have an advantage when they’re converted into a livable home. They’re more durable and probably have less rust for you to work with. Building a container home doesn’t always mean you have to rely on shipping containers. You can always look […]

Regular houses have always been thought to be flat, occupying as much land as possible. It pains me to say that land has gotten increasingly scarce, which jacks up its prices. The sale of land is growing to a point where being able to afford a space to call your own is turning into a fleeting dream, and that day is coming sooner than you’d expect. In fact, it’s happening in certain areas across the world right now. But the underlying beauty in situations like […]

The moment you mention the subject of shipping container homes to any contractor, he’ll immediate ask about its insulation methods. Insulation is one of the most fundamental components of what makes shipping container homes comfortable. Without proper insulation, the shipping containers are just going to rust from prolonged exposure to weather, and end up turning into an oven. No one would want either of those two instances happening to their shipping container homes, which stresses even more on the importance of having proper insulation. So, […]

Now that you’ve made up your mind that you want to buy a shipping container home, you need to get over the next hurdle; finding out how to buy one. Fortunately, the process itself isn’t as complicated that what most people would anticipate. The main difficulty lies in installing utilities into the home, such as plumbing and electricity. Everything else, in a sense, is secondary. Here’s everything you need to know about how to buy a shipping container home.   Finding out where to buy […]

Before delving into the whole argument of whether shipping container homes are energy efficient, we need to truly understand what energy efficiency means. In most cases, energy efficiency simple refers to energy conservation or using alternative sources of energy to power your home. Energy efficiency has been around for as long as the invention of electricity; it’s not a concept that we’re unfamiliar with. But what people don’t really understand is the connection between shipping container homes and energy efficiency. Shipping container homes can be […]

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