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It’s hard to put a specific resale value on shipping container homes. Every single container home has its construction methods and materials that are unique to its structure. These minute points of differentiation can be incredibly significant when it comes to figuring out the true resale value of shipping container homes. To put things a little more simply, there just isn’t a number or range that points to an accurate resale value of shipping container homes. Let me tell you why. Shipping Container Costs Are […]

One of the key attributes about truck container homes is that they can be transported anywhere you want. Their compact sizes allow easy mobility, eliminating any form of hassle if you ever feel the need to move. Imagine the joy of being able to take your home with you wherever you go, or even having the choice of just leaving town whenever you please without having to worry about accommodation or transportation. All these reasons make truck container homes such a useful asset. Just like […]

New potential homeowners tend to approach the subject of shipping container homes with plenty of caution; they just aren’t sure how safe shipping container homes are. That’s mostly because few people have actually touched and felt the sturdiness of a shipping container. They end up dismissing the idea based on nothing else but pure uncertainty. Shipping container homes being unsafe is a misconception, and I’ll tell you why.   Shipping Container Homes Are Safe Shipping container homes are universally known for one key attribute: strength. […]

There’s far too much speculation about how much shipping container homes cost, and far too little facts. But there’s just one constant that we all have to be aware about: The price of homes is relative, and there’s no way around it. Whether it’s a container home or a conventional home, you can’t just stick a price tag on it and make the statement ‘all container homes cost this amount of dollars’. It’s absolutely ridiculous, because each and every container home is built with different […]

Grants for container homes

Constructing a shipping container home from scratch has always been advertised as a cost-effective housing solution. There’s no doubt that shipping containers on their own can cost as a little as just a couple of thousand dollars, but the process of converting the container into a liveable space is a lot more complicated. These complicated processes can rack up tens of thousands of dollars, and they might even end up being more expensive than a conventional home if you aren’t careful with your deals.   […]

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