Top 10 shipping container homes

We’ve discussed endlessly about various shipping container home designs and several other related ideas. Needless to say, finding out the top 10 shipping container homes is almost entirely based on personal preference. However, here are a few aspects of each shipping container home that we’ll be taking into consideration:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Functionality
  • Eco-friendliness

But before we delve into the realm of our list of top 10 shipping container homes, let us clarify that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. We’ll be revisiting some homes that we’ve featured before, as well as introducing some new ones. So without further ado, here is our much anticipated list of top 10 shipping container homes.


#1 Simple and suave

1 simple and suave

Coming up at the top of our list is this simple yet suave creation. The usage of a single blue shipping container to create this spectacular home leaves no room for squander. Every nook and cranny has a clear and specific intent in its contribution to making this shipping container home the aesthetic beauty that it is.

It’s the perfect example of using little to produce more. From the small garden on top, down to the clean tiles on the floor, this shipping container home has everything that anyone would ever want in his or her own home.


#2 The orange wonder

2 orange wonder

Orange has always been a questionable choice of color, not just for container homes, but for every other contemporary home as well. However, this particular design pulls it off in spectacular fashion. It has a modern touch to it, a scaled-down version of a balcony, and plenty of other features that make it such a magnificent sight.

There really is no other color that would fit this home better than orange, given its somewhat desserted surroundings. Everything falls perfectly into place for this container home.


#3 The grand entrance

3 grand entrance

Talk about over the top, am I right? This large structure was cleverly designed to radiate with awe. It’s entrance alone is more than enough for visitors to feel as if they were entering a prince’s palace. The front porch has yet to be furnished, but with a few decorations, this home can look as welcoming as it is intimidating.


#4 Vintage rust

4 vintage rust

Mixing and matching genres has always been a challenged to designer, especially when you’re attempting to mix direct opposite. For this particular case, the designers managed to get away with it. The skillful approach of incorporating a modernised top storey and a vintage-looking, rusty ground level might seem a bit confusing at first, but it’s definitely a fresh take on the new and the old.


#5 Single-storey marvel

5 single storey marvel

Single-storey shipping container homes tend to leave much to be desired. This is primarily because there’s a limited amount of space for designers and architects for work with. But for this particular home, everything just gels together seamlessly. The slanted roof concept has become increasingly popular among shipping container home owners, and it’s a nice change of pace from the common flat-roofed container homes that we’re normally used to.


#6 Go big or go home

6 go big or go home

There’s no better way to describe this shipping container home’s design than beautiful. A whole lot of thought has clearly been put into its design, especially the tree that grows through the flooring. However, there might be a maintenance issue in the long run if the tree were to sprout branches and get in the way of everything else. Nevertheless, it’s a very fresh approach to container home designs and definitely deserves a placing in our list of top 10 shipping container homes.


#7 Up in the snow

7 up in the snow

This might look a little familiar to some of our regular visitors, but that’s because we’ve featured this shipping container home before. It certainly deserves a placing in our top 10 list of shipping containers for its elevation and usage of black. The green backdrop behind the glass panels give it a bit of an edge, making it look even more striking. Other than that, everything else just flows.


#8 Urban wood works

8 urban wood

Most people tend to associate wood with vintage styles. However, this designer managed to line up this shipping container home with wooden pieces that are polished, and the results are impressive. The idea of using different shades in a somewhat disorganized fashion give the home a pattern of unpredictability, which is balanced out by an even larger standard shade towering over it. This sort of urban design is what makes consumers want to swap out their vintage styles for modernisation.


#9 Relaxation at its finest

9 relaxation at its finest

Coming in 9th place is this shipping container home with its own pool that oversees an even larger body of water. Peace, serenity, and good vibes will all that you’ll feel if you had the opportunity to stay in this shipping container beach house. There’s no definitely no better place to spend a beach vacation at than here, which is exactly what earns its place in our list of top 10 shipping container homes.


#10 A jungle adventure


If you’re the type of person who simply loves the great outdoors, you’ll definitely fall in love with this container home design. Situated in a forested area, there’s practically no need for you to incorporate any more greenery than what’s already around you. Taking that into consideration, this shipping container home isn’t what you’d normally expect.

It resembles a camp site in the safari, with plenty of open-air areas and limited need for electricity. This is the perfect spot for you to embark on a jungle adventure or a hike through the woods. You might want to secure the ladders though, just for precautionary measures!


Be inspired

Now that you’ve seen our list of top 10 shipping container homes, go ahead and come up with your own list. As we mentioned earlier, many of you might not agree with our rankings, especially since everything’s practically based on personal preference. If you agree with us, take that inspiration and come up with your own design. If you don’t, then be inspired to create your own list, it might even be better than ours.

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