5 beautiful container homes with green roofs

Green roofs have been around for almost centuries; it’s not a brand new concept, but an old one that’s regaining popularity in part due to the rise of the energy efficient container homes. Although there may be plenty of reasons for you to get a green roof for your container home, there are certain things that you have to take into consideration first.

The main issue with green roofs is the preparation process. You’ll need to get waterproofing done, and ensure that your project falls in line with your area’s laws and regulations. Nevertheless, green roofs can be worth the hassle. Here are 5 examples of container homes that have beautiful green roofs.


#1 Beautiful shipping container home with green roof


As simple and easy as it may seem, an ordinary green roof such as this can be challenging to achieve. It’s evident that you should expect to mow much more than just your lawn if you go with a green roof, but that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. After all, green roofs provide container homes with better insulation and a whole lot of aesthetic appeal.


#2 Simple shipping container home


Having spots of bare soil can be quite an eyesore. Installing a successful green roof means that you’ll have to minimize that as much as possible. The ultimate goal here is to have the entire roof covered in so much green that the brownish shade of soil becomes practically invisible.

Achieving that is certainly much easier said than done, especially when weeds start to become a problem. With that being said, maintenance is absolute key.


#3 Slants and decor


If a green roof is much too plain for your taste, you can always switch things up a bit with the artefacts and decor that you choose to complement it with. Here’s a creative angle that’s worth paying attention. The owner of this bike shelter took the liberty of planting a full bicycle right on top!

However, this might be seen as a safety hazard in certain areas. Always check with your relevant authorities before pulling off little stints like this.


#4 Container home with a garden roof


Green roofs don’t have to be made solely out of grass. Creating a little gagrden out of it will make for a romantic spot to show off to your date. It looks both fantastic and serene. Lining up your garden with some stones or pebbles can also make it resemble a Japanese garden. What’s not to love?


#5 Longer blades


I like to think of green roofs to be the beard of your home. Letting it grow itself out doesn’t always have to look sloppy. Having the thin blades of carpet grass sticking out from your roof gives it a bit more character. Of course, you don’t want to go too overboard with this or you’ll end up finding some unwanted critters getting too comfortable on your green roof.

Jokes aside, green roofs have plenty of benefits. They’re a little bit more troublesome to maintain, but it’s well worth the effort. I’m sure future purchasers of your home will love the idea as well!

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