10 cool japanese container homes

Shipping container homes have been popularized in the Western regions. They first started catching on in European nations before finding themselves growing in popularity in places such as Australia and the US. But the era of shipping container homes has yet to realize its true potential. Recently, Japan has found themselves opening up to the idea of shipping container homes.

After suffering major catostrophes over the years, Japan discovered the importance of developing housing solutions that can be erected within a moments notice. Shigeru Ban Architects pioneered this shipping container home construction method, providing a total of 188 temporary homes to Japanese locals who found themselves homeless.

Japanese architects and designers were fascinated with the look of these container homes, and proceded to come up with their own creative designs. Here are some of the coolest Japanese container homes that’ll leave you impressed.


#1 Minimalism japanese container home


Here’s a Japanese container home that takes minimalism to a whole new level. Being made out of 2 smaller-sized shipping containers, it’s hard to imagine whether there’s even enough space for a single individual. But despite its seemingly cramp appearance, the home’s clean and white design makes it extremely charming.


#2 Container kitchen in japan


Land is expensive in Japan, and people living there only use what they need. The beauty of this concept doesn’t just lie in the container itself, but its brackground as well.

The contrast between the the large conventional Japanese homes and the little container shows that its definitely possible to live with less. You might not need to go to the extent of squeezing yourself into a space that small, but it definitely gets us thinking about the difference between what we need and what we want.


#3 Large japanese container home


The swimming pool is definitely optional, but its inclusion gives the home’s overall vibe a hint of tranquility. If you have the space for it, throwing in a body of water is always ideal, not just for Japanese container homes.

The structure’s appearance does draw some inspiration from modernized Western homes, but incorporating a Japanese-style garden into your backyard isn’t impossible either. In fact, it’ll give you the perfect balance between the East and the West.


#4 Japanese shipping container office


Going to work can be a painful experience, especially if you reside in an area that has horrible traffic. Why not follow the footsteps of this Japanese daredevil and erect a container home right beside the place where you work? Minus the questionable location, this black-coated container home looks undeniably dashing. Although, you might want to shut the doors before you go to sleep every night!


#5 Japanese garden on container home


Stop telling yourself that you can’t do something. With enough creativity, there will always be enough room for innovative solutions. If you’ve always wanted a garden, don’t tell yourself that you don’t have the land for it. Instead, tell yourself that you can have a garden somewhere else; like you’re roof! Having a rooftop garden can be a little bit expensive, especially with all the preparation work that comes with it. But it can still be cheaper than shifting your home to a larger land space!


#6 Traditional japen container home


The Japanese have always been known to be innovators. Even the slightest details of this shipping container home have a specific purpose. The straw mat that’s laid on top of this Japanese container home’s roof provides it with a little bit more insulation, while making it look a bit more aged.

Turning your modernized shipping container home into hut is pretty difficult, but including little elements like that is what will make it appear that much more interesting.


#7 Amazing japanese shipping container home


We all know that the focused of this image is the modernized and artistic structure of this Japanese container home. But what gives rise to the true essence of this home’s ethnicity is the strategic placement of different plants and grass around it.

Sure, the home looks posh and polished, but its true character lies in its greenery. With all of that stripped away, this impressive Japanese container home will be nothing more than a block of metal.


#8 Rectangles. Rectangles everywhere


Not everyone’s a fan of a shipping container home’s angular design. Most people try to tone it down by dampening the corners and rounding them up; but not this Japanese container home owner. Instead, he embraces the shipping container home concept and makes it even more prominent.

Even the windows and front door are made out of rectangular glass panels. The combination of the gentle baby blue and matte gray is actually quite striking, but I suppose that’s what makes this home unique in its own quirky way.


#9 Just can’t get enough greenery


It’ll be pointless to repeat what we’ve already said about rooftop gardens. Instead, we’ll be highlighting another aspect of this special Japanese container home. If you take a closer look at the wooden floorboards, you’ll notice that what sits beneath these planks is a field of grass.

This gives off the effect that each individual plank is lined with grass, which actually looks pretty cool. The choice of using a lighter shade of brown suits the rest of the greenery just perfectly.


#10 Japanese container home with flat roofs


The gradual depression between the two ends of the roof meet around the center of this Japanese container home. I have to admit that it does look a little odd. But we have to give it points for creativity and boldness. One of the most obvious themes about this Japanese container home is irregularity. Even the lawn on its side makes use of different sized floorings to create irregular patterns.

Everything about this home seems to add on a little surprise at every corner, making it one of the most intriguing designs within the realm of Japanese container homes. Its modernized, its special, its unique, its daring, and its definitely cool on every level.

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