10 more container house design ideas

You can never have too many container house design ideas. Getting inspired to create a container home of your own is a struggle that most millenials struggle with. It’s unorthodox, unconventional, and there’s no doubt that many people will be questioning your decision.

Unless, of course, you manage to come up with and implement a container house design idea that will blow their minds. It might seem like an impossible to feat to pull off, but it’s not as hard as you think.

There are plenty of ideas that people have come up with for their container house designs; and there’s always more to come. Container houses are still relatively new to people all around the world. There’s just something about them that people have yet to wrap their heads around. Here are 10 more container house design ideas to get you inspired enough to start working on your own project!


#1 Stepping stones to destiny

1 stepping stones

It never hurts to make the front of your home look more welcoming with a small set of steps. This is one of the container house design ideas that people are beginning to open up to. It exudes a sense of warmth to anyone who’s visiting your home, which makes it feel like you’re actually walking towards your destiny. In this case, destiny is represented by your very own container house.


#2 Skylights for brightness

2 skylights

Using the same home as an example, filling up a small gap between higher and lower points of your countainer house with glass panels will double as a skylight. Your container home will be filled with tons of natural light during the day, making room for opportunities for you to save money on those nasty electricity bills.

You could even kick it up a notch by adding in some solar panels to power up your lights when the sun goes down. Being eco-friendly is the new black, and taking extra steps to protecting our environment will not go unnoticed.


#3 Small but humble

3 humble

This is one of the container house design ideas that singles will really enjoy. Since you don’t have the burden of taking care of an entire family, you’ll be able to enjoy the lifestyle of a bachelor in your very own container home. The space in this design might seem a little limited, but it’s certainly more than enough for a solo homeowner.

Everything will be within your reach, and it’s so much easier to decorate a smaller container home as compared to a larger one. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of room for versatility and expression as you decorate your new home.


#4 Modern perfection

4 modern perfection

The ‘modern perfection’ container house design idea stems from the perspective of a solo homeowner as well, but with a slight twist. Modern taste has begun to take a turn for the better as we see more of these similar designs erected in our own neighbourhoods. If you noticed, incorporating elements of soft textures, pale colors, and having your home decked in greenery is all you need to make your container house look modernized and posh.

Achieving the look of the ‘modern perfection’ shouldn’t be too difficult. As you would envision, it should turn out to look something like the image above.


#5 Gentle shades of pastel

5 pastel shades

Pastel shades have become increasingly popular amongst container home owners. It’s no surprise, especially once you notice how spectacular the above container house design idea looks. Complete with its own board walk, a small stairs, and plenty of glass panels all around, this container house design idea is easily one of our favourites.

Throwing in a telescope to check out the planets as the sky comes alive during the night is always an experience that every parent would want to share with their kids!


#6 Raw in the woods

6 raw in the woods

Apart from lining up your container house with concrete and glass panels, you’ll always have the choice of leaving it completely raw. There are cases that this might not work, and it’s definitely a look that requires an acquired taste. But if you look at it in a certain way, it can look sophisticated and creative. Just be sure to add on other features to make it look less sloppy.


#7 Balconies on cream

7 balconies on cream

Black on white has always been a popular colour scheme amongst modern container house design idea enthusiasts. But in this particular design, you’ll notice that there’s a bit of a change in pace. The white’s been replaced with a gentle shade of cream, kind of like an off-white. It doesn’t look as defined or as sharp as conventional white, which is great if you want your home to look less intimidating.


#8 Lone wolves at their best

8 lone wolves

Here’s another design for all your lone wolves out there. Finished with a flat black exterior, a mix of orange and sunset yellow on the interior, and a massive window on its end, this is the container house design idea that all you suave gentlemen have been waiting for.


#9 All you need is wood

9 all wood

Everyone knows that container homes are made almost entirely out of steel. But what if you covered up those metal skeletons with some wood? Or even disguised an entire two-storey container home with nothing but wood? Container house design ideas don’t necessarily have to be complex at all, not when wood is all you need to complete the entire look of your container home. It will look polished, warm, and very calming.


#10 A pool by the sea

10 a pool by the sea

Thinking of getting a container home right by the beach? It’s nice to dip yourself in some clean, fresh water every once in a while, so why not have your own body of water right beside the sea? Just like this container house design idea, your beach container house can be more than it will ever be by creating its very own swimming pool. The only trouble here is that you might not even have to head out to the beach any more, at least not when you have this beauty literally right by your side.

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